Ursa Trail Day 4 – Politsoara – Vale di Liosani – Politsoara







The fourth part of Ursa Trail trek starts from the meadow "Politsoara" and completes a circular route at the north end of Ursa Trail, returning either to "Politsoara", where a return to Metsovo can be done either in agreement with your hotel or with the help of of Ursa Trail management team, or continuing to Metsovo, following the second part of the Section 3.


We start from Politsoara and follow a wide path that soon passes by Daou fountain (trough) and becomes wider. We then arrive at a crossroad and continue left on level terrain for about 1500 meters and then climb a path to the highest point of the ridge called "Kalligomeno Aloni" (1593 m.), where we see a wind measuring mast on our left. We continue with slight descents and climbs on the ridge (we see trenches of WW2 on our left), pass a stone resting place with nice views and reach a col, where we turn right and begin to descend next to a stream. After 700 meters we enter a dirt road and soon reach a junction near the old wooden camp buildings of Vale Di Liosani.

We then take the right dirt road, pass a wooden bridge and climb gradually passing two other wooden bridges. After a relatively steep climb, the road descends and stops: we enter a path that intersects an asphalt road, slightly higher than the large fountain of Kria Vrisi. The path continues opposite, climbs up to a col, then descents tucked into woods and comes out again in the meadows. On street and path we reach the fountain Politsoara (two ponds) and continue on a road.

From here you can either return to Metsovo by car, or continue on the trail of Section 3: catch an uphill path that soon becomes a wider track and leads us near the summit Karakioli. From there we start a long descent to the base of the ski lift, following a wide track (labeled "easy route"). Arriving at the height of the cafe-teleferique, we cross the asphalt and enter a path. At 200 meters we enter a cement road that passes in front of the Pindos National Park Information Center. From there we descend first on cement road and after on wide cobbled path until we get to the central square of Metsovo.