The Races

The Ursa Trail mountain race event includes two races, Ursa Trail, 40km long and about 2,700 m height difference, and the shorter On the Tracks of the Bear circuit, 20km long and with 1,050 m height difference.

The 40 km long Ursa Trail consists of two loops, which converge in Metsovo. The first loop runs south of Metsovo up to Anilio Ski Center, the Dokimi summit and the village Anilio. The second loop (which coincides with the In the trace of the Bear race) runs north of Metsovo.

The route goes through old paths and sites of exquisite aesthetic and natural value. The ultimate goal of the event is to inform and sensitize the runners to the necessity for the protection of the natural environment and specifically of the brown bear.

 Ursa Trail Race
 On the Tracks of the Bear