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Ursa Trail hiking path: a 4 day hike around Metsovo.

Ursa Trail hiking path is a 40-km long mountain adventure. Ursa Trail is organized in 4 daily sections. The starting and ending points of the complete hike is Metsovo, where accommodation and various services are available.

The four sections are:

 Ursa Trail Section 1
Anilio Ski Center

 Ursa Trail Section 2
Anilio Ski Center
- Anilio - Metsovo

 Ursa Trail Section 3
- Politsoara - Metsov

 Ursa Trail Section 4
 - Vale di Liosani - 

Hiking Ursa Trail: a 40-km long mountain adventure.

The Ursa Trail route was originally designed as a mountain running race. The Ursa Trail race is one of the most popular in Greece, thanks to the extraordinary landscapes, the proper design of the route and the excellent organization, under the responsibility of the local Sports Club Metsovo, the support of Metsovo municipality and the help of all city authorities and professionals.
The hiking Ursa Trail uses the routing and waymarking of the race version, with appropriate detours in some steep or technical parts.

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