Ursa Trail mobile app

Metsovo Ursa Trail Topoguide offers on-path navigation, POIs approach prompting and a comprehensive guide on the geography, the natural environment and the monuments of the area.

Metsovo Ursa Trail Topoguide, although oriented toward hikers and nature lovers, provides routing and information for both the four hiking and the two race routes.

In the field, the application identifies the nearest route and make active navigation to it and then along it, with continuous messages to the user, while pops-up photos on every interesting or important terrain feature close to his position. If the hiker position is more than 20 meters far from the trail, the application warns him and suggests how to go back.

The cartographic company AnaDigit, creator of the application, has issued hundreds other hiking maps for Greece (eg. maps of Zagori, Pindus area, Mt. Olympus, all Aegean islands etc). To build the application and ensuring data accuracy, all tracks and cartographic information have been recorded during May 2016.

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