Epirus Trail hiking path

Epirus Trail is a long mountainous adventure that crosses the entire Epirus region, from Mt Gramos to Mt Tzoumerka. The route was designed in 2015 by the Prefecture of Epirus and Epirus S.A. Development Company and was recorded in the field in 2017 by the companies AnaDigit and Kedros, which also produced the study for placement and evaluation of the cost for the necessary works.

With a total lenght of 363 km, Epirus Trail is the longest continuous hiking trail ever designed in Greece. At the present stage, it includes the Regional Units of Konitsa, Zagori, Metsovo and North Tzoumerka, while a future goal is to integrate more areas of Epirus and to extend it towards the region of Macedonia.

Epirus Trail is under construction. Some section are parts of other hiking routes and are clean and marked, but some other are not and must not be attempted.
Remember you walk at your own risk!

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